OG Mint 06/04/23@1pm EST


FogRats is a collection of 10,000 Gangster Rat NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain. We are a community based NFT project that aims to sustain longevity by providing benefits to NFT holders via private Discord channels. These channels will serve as a direct form of communication between the team and the community.

Through these private channels, we can share: verified techniques and strategies to earn with crypto, discuss other promising NFT projects, talk about any future projects we will be coming out with, we will be available to answer any and all questions regarding NFT’s or crypto, and will be here to help our NFT holders should they have the desire to start and launch their own NFT or crypto project. We will be there to offer any help, guidance, and support they may need.



  • OG Mint: 0.05 ETH/ea (max 2 per wallet) 06/05-06/09
  • WL Mint: 0.075 ETH/ea (max 5 per wallet) 06/12-06/19
  • Public Mint: 0.1 ETH/ea (no max) 06/22


  • Private Discord for Q & A about crypto
  • Private Discord strategies to make money with crypto
  • Private Discord to crypto mentoring with Fograts owner
  • Private Discord on how to launch token/NFT project
  • Monthly giveaway of 10% of royalties


  • Launch Fog Rats

  • List Collection on OpenSea and Blur

  • Sellout Fog Rats Collection

  • Get up to 25K Twitter Followers+Discord to 5k+

  • Actively engage with our community

  • Provide amazing VIP support to NFT holders





  • Continue to grow our community

  • Expand the reach of our project

  • Initiate more partnership and collabs

  • Hold regular AMA's

  • Work on partnerships and promotions

  • Start giving away royalties

  • Random giveaways

  • Guide project creators with their projects

  • Help our NFT holders with questions

  • Show our NFT holders how to make money w/crypto


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